Finding Your Blog Niche

Choosing a niche is very important for your blog, especially if you want to bring in income. So, what is a blog niche and why is it so important? Learn more about finding your blog niche in this article.

What is a blog niche?

A blog niche is the topic you’ll be focusing all of your content around. This is where you ask yourself, “What am I going to write about?”

Finding your blog niche is an important step before you start your blog or very early after you start blogging.

When I first started blogging, I just wrote about anything and everything. Eventually I started leaning more towards sharing DIY’s and crafting tutorials, then branched out to frugal household tips. I guess you could say my blog, Blessings by Me, is a frugal lifestyle blog.

finding your blog niche
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Writing whatever you want whenever you want might bring other bloggers to your blog, but it’s not going to bring you long-term success. If you want to generate income for your blog, then you need to work on finding your blog niche (a clear topic that all your content will be focused on) right away.

Finding Your Blog Niche

1. Find your passion

Ask yourself what you are passionate about and are excited to share with others. This is a topic that you will be writing about every week (or more) for years to come. It has to be a topic you love to talk about and know about or your blog will fail.

Write down a list of everything you love and what makes you feel excited to share. This is just a brainstorm so write down everything that comes to mind. Write down all the jobs you’ve had, your hobbies, things you want to learn more about, accomplishments, etc.

2. Pick your topic

Now you need to narrow down your brainstorm list by choosing a topic. You can choose more than one topic as long as they are related, such as cleaning, organizing, and saving money. Now that you’ve narrowed it down to a topic, lets narrow it down even farther because this is still a little too broad at this point.

3. Narrow it down

It’s time to narrow things down even further now. Let’s say you’ve decided to write about health. That’s such a broad topic which means you’ll be competing with tons of other bloggers and will be impossible to get noticed.

Think instead of what type of health you want to discuss. Maybe something like “natural ways to be healthy”, where you could write about the benefits of chemical-free living. Then you could share natural ways to clean your home without using harsh products and chemicals.

Starting to make sense now?

If you’ve been blogging for a while (like I was before I discovered my niche), narrow your list down by asking your readers. You could conduct a survey and ask them what they would like to read more of. (This is a great topic to include in a newsletter.) You can also look at your analytics and see what your top 10 posts are. This is a great way to see what your readers are focused on, which can help you find your niche.

4. Define your ideal reader

It’s time to identify your ideal reader – the person who just happens to see your blog on Pinterest. Write down who you are writing for. Write an age range for your reader and a few interests they may have. Think of your ideal reader as one of your friends that you enjoy talking to. What do you talk about most? Do you enjoy swapping recipes? Or craft idea? Or weight loss programs?

Congratulations! You’ve found your niche! I knew you could do it!

Now that you did all that hard work on finding your blog niche, what come next? Keep reading and I’ll tell you.

What comes after finding your blog niche?

1. List of 50

Now that you have your blog niche all figured out and you know exactly what topic you’re going to write about, it’s time to put it to the test. Set aside an hour for yourself in a quiet spot at the library, coffee shop, or just lock yourself in your bedroom. Grab a pen and a piece of paper and write down at least 50 blog post ideas. They can be broad or specific, just try to get to 50.

For example, let’s say you’ve decided to write about keeping your home clean and organized for busy moms. Your list could include blog post ideas such as “how to clean your whole house in just 30 minutes” or “organizing ideas to help you get out the door fast in the morning”.

Need help coming up with ideas? Here’s a list of 180 blog post ideas for any niche!

2. Draft sample posts

Grab your list of 50 blog post ideas and pick at least five to write about. These are just draft posts so they don’t have to be perfect. You can edit them later. Challenge yourself to complete these 5 posts within a week or 2.

Now you should have enough content to write about within your niche. Remember, you want to write consistently once or twice a week every week for years to come. You can always add to your list of 50 as you go.

Top 10 Money-Making Blog Niches

There are some blog niches that do a lot better than others, but you can make your niche work with a little time and effort. It’s all about your writing style and how you present yourself.

Here are the top 10 blog niches that are excellent for bringing in income.

  1. Health and Fitness: If you’re talking about something in this area, you better believe you’ll have a really big audience. This is one of the most popular niches, which also means you’ll have a lot of competition. Narrow down your topic to something like sharing your own journey and progress or target a specific audience (women, men, young, old) or a specific type of exercise (running, weight lighting).
  2. Finance: So many people are on the hunt for how to budget and save money. Personal finance blogs are very popular right now. Narrow down your topic to money-saving tips, marketing tips, paying off debt, budgeting, or sharing your getting out of debt journey.
  3. Fashion: Fashion blogging has really taken off. It’s also a great way to become an influencer on Instagram.
  4. Business: If you have a background in marketing or business, this would be perfect for you. This is a broad topic, so you’ll want to narrow it down to a specific topic, such as focusing on helping small businesses. Or put your focus on a particular type of marketing such as social media marketing or networking.
  5. Travel: Travel niches are extremely popular. There are a lot of great ways to monetize your blog through this niche. Narrow down your topic by writing about a particular type of traveler (families, solo) or writing about travel deals (hotels, flights). You can also write about your own travel journey.
  6. Lifestyle: This is a hard topic, but basically, you’re writing about different topics that are connected through having the same audience. For example, I write about ways to living a frugal lifestyle and having a chemical-free home. I share thrifty DIY’s and upcycles as well as cleaning and organizing tips. My organizing tips show you how to organize on a budget, while my cleaning tips include homemade cleaning products.
  7. DIY and Crafts: There are a ton of people on Pinterest looking for ways to make their own home décor, for both inside and outside their homes. These blogs are full of tutorials and “how-to” articles. You can provide affiliate links to the materials you use.
  8. Parenting: This is another competitive blog niche; however, you can choose a different angle than the rest to really stand out. Narrow your topic by writing about a stage of parenting, such as parenting teens, or write to a specific audience, such as new parents or older parents.
  9. Food: I’m always looking for a quick and easy recipe and so are thousands of other busy moms. This blog niche requires lots of beautiful photos of food to really stand out. Narrow down your topic by focusing on types of food (desserts or main dishes) or writing for a particular audience (quick meals for busy moms).
  10. Education: Learning at any age is super important and many people are looking for new things to learn about. Through this blog niche, you could sell your ebooks, online courses, or any products that offer information. Narrow down your topic by teaching photography or coding, for example.

Let’s recap: finding your blog niche

What is a blog niche? A clear topic that all of your blog content will be focused on.

How do you choose your niche?

  • find your passion
  • pick a topic
  • narrow it down
  • define your ideal reader

What to do after you’ve found your niche:

  • write down a list of 50 blog post ideas
  • write at least 5 sample posts

Now that you have an idea of what a blog niche is and how to find yours, you’ve got some homework to do. Grab my free finding your niche worksheet and write down your list of ideas that you are excited to write about and share with others. Then narrow that down by picking one or more topics that go together. Narrow those topics down even further until you have a specific topic to write about.

Don’t forget to write about your ideal reader. Who is she/he? What does she/he love? What is her/his age?

Lastly, find a quiet spot and try to come up with at least 50 blog post ideas, then challenge yourself to write at least 5 draft posts. If you can do this last part, you’ve found your blog niche!


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Finding Your Blog Niche
finding your blog niche

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