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Did you know that about 90% of blogs fail?
Shocking, isn’t it?

It’s frustrating and overwhelming (and a little depressing) when you work so hard just to have your blog fail. It feels like you wasted a bunch of time and worked for nothing.

I get it! I’ve been there. And I almost gave up.

But I believe you are here because:

  • you have amazing ideas that you’re ready to share with the world
  • you are ready to start making an income working from home
  • you are stuck in a rut and tired of the same boring routine

Guess what? I can help!

Hi! I’m Michelle and I love helping new and established bloggers build a successful business that they are passionate about.

How can I do that?

By teaching them how to:

  • build & grow a successful blog
  • gain traffic
  • organize their blogs for SEO
  • monetize their blogs for extra income
that's me

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So what’s my story?

I started a hobby blog a few years ago, which was meant to share my passion for DIYs. I only had a few followers so I decided to start sharing my second passion – how to live a comfortable frugal lifestyle.

This topic gained more followers, so I decided to branch out even further and start sharing recipes and household tips. Then I started gaining more traffic.

After about a year of blogging for free, I decided I wanted more. I became self-hosted, added ads to my site, and eventually received my first $100 paycheck. I was so excited!

However, it wasn’t easy!

It took a lot of work, time, and research just to get to that first paycheck. I was learning as I was writing and ended up having to reorganize my entire blog and delete a lot of posts. Posts I had worked really hard on and spent a lot of time on. But they just didn’t fit in with my niche.

I don’t want you to have to go through all of that and waste your time!

I want you to have a successful blog right from the start so you can spend more time with your family or doing other things you love.

Which is why I’m sharing all of my tried and tested techniques with you.

about page -  what I will teach you

Are you ready?

Don’t let fear hold you back!

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